2013/2014 Premier League Top Goal Scorer at End of Season

With only few premier league matches remaining, (some clubs have 10 games while others have 11 games), there is a heated debate on who will be premier league scorer this season.

To start with, let forget Manchester United campaign to retain cup. Obvious, it is quite difficult and their hope is very low. They are fighting to be among the top four, this is still no a walk to the park, it majorly depends on other teams performances. Many punters predict that Man U will retain either position 6 or 7 at the end of the season.

Though we cannot exclude united players from the list of top scorers this season, chances are very low. Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester city are on form and their players are scoring any time they want. The top ten 2013/2014 top scores are;


Luis Suarez 24 Liverpool

Daniel Sturridge 18 Liverpool

Sergio Agüero 15 Manchester City

Yaya Touré 13 Manchester City

Loïc Rémy 13 Newcastle United

Olivier Giroud 12 Arsenal

Eden Hazard 12 Chelsea

Robin van Persie 11 Manchester United

Romelu Lukaku 10 FC Everton

Jay Rodriguez 10 Southampton

Wayne Rooney 10 Manchester United

To start with, Rooney has not performed very well this season. He is used to scoring good and many goals, but this season, he may not take golden boots. Lukaku and Rodrigues still don’t have a good chance due to unstable performance. These clubs have not been performing consistently.

Robin van Persie has not performed very well this season. He has been on and off, this can be attributed to the fact that he has not been playing many games and the fact that Chicharito has been helping him in 60th minute may have undermined his scoring power.

Giroud performed and scored many goals at the beginning of season but his scoring power has been dwindling, probably this is not his season to be on golden boots. Eden hazard is doing great but he may not be the best scorer since he gives more assists than he scores.

Loic and Yaya are batter placed than Giroud and Eden, this is not because of the additional goal. But because there performance has improved especially during the second leg. Nevertheless, if Yaya and Negredo would give more assists to Aguero, he has better chance to be the top goal scorer.

Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez are top scorers, with only six goals separating them, many people are speculating that Sturridge will carry the day. There is a lot he should do to overtake his mate Suarez. He needs to work hard and be more creative. Suarez is on form and he has been scoring, more than 3 goals in a single match.

This season Suarez is more disciplined, he has 4 yellow cards and zero red cards, in addition, he has not bitten any player this season! If he maintains control in remaining matches, Suarez will definitely be the top scorer.

Nevertheless, there is much expected from these mates, they complement each other very well. Suarez can dribble, can score and can be creator, but Sturridge can as well do the same. They can swap roles throughout a match, this makes the debate to remain hot. All in all, Suarez is better placed, he is more selfish and can create his own goals unlike Sturridge.

They should fight to win Premier League rather than focusing on will be the top scorer.